Whose fault is if I’m kicked out of my job due to a robot?

I know, losing the job is always a terrible event in life, even if you hate it still is bad. Your manager just send you a letter (still they exist) telling you that the company decided to lay out you because they are in an automation process. You have been working a couple of years for the company, possible decades. Always on time, being as productive as possible, being as a great worker as people recognize you are. Never cheating on the company and sometimes working your ass off to meet some deadlines. But this news was unexpected, you have heard the news about people losing jobs due to robots, but never crossed your mind that you will be the one in the crossroads.

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Introduction: From the book Beat the Robots

This piece is part of the book Beat the Robots.

This is call for a better life. Yes, a call for your better life.

Maybe you feel the world is on a path of self-destruction. Maybe you think nothing can be done to save it from our own creations.

Maybe you have been fired from a job you liked, from a job you thought would give you the same level of security that your parents had. You thought that if you worked hard enough and dedicated your time to that job, you would be safe. But there isn’t a safe job anymore. The world is changing so fast that the elements you believed were permanent are now shadows from a glorious past.

Until the year 2000, working for a company was the safest, most stable path. Worries about the bills, mortgage, student loans, and a 401k have always been there, but the level of uncertainty regarding finding and keeping a great job is much higher today.

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